For those of you that like to read beyond the boxscores, here are a few tidbits you might enjoy.

Philadelphia: At game time of 8:40 p.m. the temperature was in the low 40’s. Compared to the last time we were sitting in our seats in section 237 it felt a little bearable. I mean this time I was prepared for the weather. We looked more as if we were going to a football game than a baseball game, but that is what baseball has become when you are playing the World Series in late October. The Weather Was An Advantage for The Phillies The Philadelphia fans were ready for anything, They sensed a victory in the cold air and came prepared with heavy coats, blankets and the perpetual white Phillies towels to wave to their delight and root their team into the history books. The Philadelphia Phillies were hungry and wanted to keep the World Series trophy and the Champaign from having to be packed and transported to Tampa. The Philly players were ready and did not look as if they were bothered by the cold in fact it was an advantage. I did not see one Philly player with his face covered as we did many of the Rays players. You figure they have to be used to playing in more cold days by being in the North East in an open stadium than the Rays who play half their games in Tampa in the comfort of a dome stadium always protected from the weather, but not preparing them for the cold and wind of Philadelphia for this late October game. The Tampa Bay Rays looked like if they were going skiing rather than to a baseball game. Many of the players were bothered by the cold and it was obvious during batting practice when many had their faces covered and wearing gloves on both hands. In this case Mother Nature was not rooting for the Rays. Game Time Technically this game 5 of the 2008 World Series had a total elapsed time of 46 hours. The actual playing time was 3 hours, 28 minutes for the suspended game and 1 hour, 18 minutes for the resumed game. The partying on the field lasted over 2 hours, longer than the three-inning game. The partying on the streets of Philadelphia lasted until dawn. Un Boricua Se Destaca/ Boricua Does His Thing. J.C. Romero of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico recorded the win out of the bullpen, his 2nd victory of this World Series, also earning the victory in relief in game three. Romero allowed 2 hits in 1.1 innings, but did not allow an inherited runner to score. Finances Attendance Totals: 219,369 Total Net Receipts; $34,921.961 Players Pool: $16,440,091 Umpire asesment: $3,492,195 Commissioner's Share: $5,238,293 Team Share: $4,875,689 Thank You Phillies Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies staff that made our work throughout the stadium bearable. They were always there to resolve any problem and accommodate all our wishes. The food (including desserts) was great and plentiful in both the main press cafeteria and for us out in the auxiliary section. Thank you Phillies…

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