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Roberto Clemente: The 21 Days of Clemente & Soccer


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New York, NY – For years, Latino Sports has honored the life of Pittsburgh Pirates Legend Roberto Clemente with their “21 Days of Clemente” symposium series. It’s been an annual event where where fans of Roberto Clemente have the opportunity to meet every Monday in the Bronx to share and listen to a guest speaker discuss the impact that Roberto Clemente has had in his/her life.

Now in it’s Twelfth-Year Anniversary, this year’s “21 Days of Clemente” has been filled with wonderful surprises from it’s presenters and audience members. In the past, guest speakers have included former Mets GM, Omar Minaya and Roberto Clemente’s son, Roberto Jr.

“The “21 Days of Clemente” is much more than an event to honor Clemente, it is an event to remember those that gave so much and the way that we live our lives. The fact that Latino Sports does this event every year in the middle of the most busiest month, December and the holiday season is a testament in itself,” said Julio Pabon, CEO of Latino Sports Ventures, Inc. 

Recognized to many as the “The Great One”, Roberto Clemente is also remembered for being a Humanitarian who died in a plane crash on December 31, 1972 while attempting to take relief supplies to the earthquake victims of Nicaragua.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Clemente is a hero to many Latinos and non-Latinos worldwide. Did you know that 40 schools and more than 200 parks are named in his honor, from Puerto Rico to Africa to Germany?

Because of Latino Sports dedication to honor Roberto Clemente, I’ve able to embark on my soccer writer. Thanks to a mutual friend of ours who recommended me to write for them, Latino Sports founder Julio Pabon gave me the platform and creative control to literally kick the ball and run with it.

Barca and Real Madrid are global giants but Levante’s a community. (Image Credit: Levante UD)

To be fair to my audience who follow me, here’s a few soccer news. On Sunday, Lionel Messi broke Gerd Muller’s 40-year record of most goals scored in a calender year. Currently, Messi has 86 goals and he has the opportunity to finish with 90 or more goals at the end of the year.

With the World Cup taking place in 2014 in Brazil, Roger Federer was in Pelé´s beloved Brazil to participate in the Gillette Federer Tour. Gillette brought the world’s greatest tennis player in history together with the world’s greatest soccer player in history for a first time ever meeting – while also introducing Pelé as a new ambassador for P&G.

Over at the Premier League, Norwich City remains unbeaten in 10-matches of all competition following their 4-3 win over Swansea. In La Liga, Levante continues to impress both in the Europa League and in their league following their 4-0 win over Mallorca.

In honor of the “21 Days of Clemente” and Latino Sports, I’m happy to report that I’ve been voted into the North American Soccer Reporters. I can provide you a rundown of all that I’ve accomplished here at Latino Sports but I would prefer that you continue to support us and continue to read our publication.

Just to be clear, the experience I’ve had writing for Latino Sports has opened up more doors for me. And one of those experience was writing a book review in July 2011 about the Story of Roberto Clemente. Here’s the link.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Cesar Diaz is a freelance writer for several online soccer publications. If there’s a soccer topic you believe needs to be written about, please feel free to contact him. Easily approachable, you may contact him at [email protected] and @CesarDiazNYC.

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