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A-Rod’s Finale: One Month Later



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Howard Goldin2Bronx, NY – I’m at Yankee Stadium covering tonight’s New York Yankees (58-56) versus the Tampa Bay Rays (46-67). For the Bronx Bombers, this the first game of their six-game homestand.

Pitching tonight for the Yankees is LHP CC Sabathia (6-9, 4.18). He will face the Rays RHP Chris Archer (6-15, 4.26). Let’s not forget that is Alex Rodriguez’s final game as a Yankees player.

Nature has a way of reminding us how everything can change in a moment. After a day of hot and humid weather, it’s nice and breezy here at Yankee Stadium. If the stars are aligned and the weather remains cool, tonight should be a memorable.

Regardless of tonight’s outcome, it’s been a month since longtime Latino Sports writer and all-around good guy, Howard Goldin passed away. Even though, he’s no longer with us, he’s still with us. Since his death, I’ve been doing my best to fill in for him for the rest of MLB season. He was my friend and this is the best way I can honor his memory.

A month ago, I believe I attended a total of two baseball games in 2016. By the end of this weekend or one month later, I will have attended 12 games. As fun and educational it’s been, it doesn’t replace the the fact that I miss my friend.

It also doesn’t replace the conversations we used to have. The saddness I feel right now will never overshadow the impact he had in my life. Since there’s a game tonight, it’s time to focus. With that said, here’s some statements regarding A-Rod’s finale at the Stadium.

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