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Rooftop Films: The Cage Fighter


New York, NY – Writing about sports isn’t the only thing I do.

When I’m not covering sports, I’m on a quest to search for the grittiness that once hovered the five boroughs of New York. Over the past few weeks, I’ve found some diamonds within our concrete pavement. From time to time, I’ve enjoyed posting what I’ve uncovered through my explorations.

Earlier today, the fine folks from Rooftop Films contacted me. In the past, I’ve enjoyed their annual event and after parties. Back in 2015, I wrote…

“Last Friday, I was in Brooklyn’s own Old American Can Factory (232 Third St) to watch the independent film, Spartacus and Cassandra. The experience itself was fantastic. Once you enter the factory, you’re going to feel like you’re walking in a labyrinth as you’re trying to reach the rooftop.

On so many levels, you will feel an excitement that you’re part of some underground movement with strangers who you have the opportunity to mingle with. As much fun as it was getting to the rooftop, it was walking around the area prior to the doors opening that complimented the overall experience.”

With that said, here’s a sports documentaty I believe MMA aficionados will appreciate. The name of it is, The Cage Fighter. As stated in the synopsis, this documentary is about…

“A blue-collar family man breaks the promise he’d made years ago to never fight again. Now 40 years old, with a wife and four children who need him, Joe Carman risks everything—his marriage, his family, his financial security— to go back into the fighting cage and come to terms with his past.”

For more information about the date and location, click here. Use the code [email protected] to receive $5 off tickets to the event. 

About Rooftop Films

Rooftop Films is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage and inspire the diverse communities of New York City by showcasing the work of emerging filmmakers and musicians.

In addition to their annual Summer Series – which takes place in unique outdoor venues every weekend throughout the summer – Rooftop provides grants to filmmakers, teaches media literacy and filmmaking to young people, rents equipment at low-cost to artists and non-profits, and produces new independent films.

At Rooftop Films, we bring underground movies outdoors. For more information and updates please visit their website at

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