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Sabathia Looks To Extend ALDS For Yankees


Bronx, NY:  Monday night is over for the Yankees. Game 3 of the ALDS went to the Red Sox and Tuesday evening it is all hands on deck for the Yankees. In other words, the old baseball term of a elimination game for the Yankees and CC Sabathia has the task of taking this series to Boston for a decisive Game 5.

So forget about Monday night. The worst loss in Yankees postseason history could be attributed to the rookie manager. Aaron Boone. He may have went to the wrong pitcher out of the pen, Luis Severino not preparing properly with pre game warm up pitches, the Red Sox showing why they dominated baseball this season with 108 wins in the regular season, all factors.

All the questions of what if, should have done this or done that, that’s all over. The Yankees will take the field tonight with one purpose: Win the game or go home and think about regression and not progression because this team once again fell short of playing in another World Series.

But to get this series to that decisive Game 5, it would be Thursday night at Fenway Park, Sabathia needs to pitch and do it well, or get through the first part of the Red Sox lineup and without a hitch. After that, Aaron Boone can go to his bullpen, and with all-hands-on-deck that means every arm is available.

“I think I do a pretty good job of turning the page, but you always kind of work through things or play out things differently” Boone said prior to Game 4. “Because a lot of times decisions you make are not just black and white. This is what we’re doing in this spot. they’re decisions.”

And the Yankees will need to change the momentum and do it quick. Score runs early against Rick Porcello, who has not won a career postseason game , 0-2 with a 5.85 ERA in four starts.

Monday night, and with the Red Sox pulling away, the home crowd in the Bronx also lost their ability to be the 10th man in the Yankees lineup. They got up and eventually left the stadium when the Red Sox assured they were taking a 2-1 series lead in this best of five.

And if the Yankees are extending this to another game, well they need to hit. Giancarlo Stanton, 4-for-14, in three games, hit the ball hard Monday night and got on base with a pair of singles. But that ability to hit the home run ball, and in the Bronx where the Yankees excel, that has not been evident.

They have the veteran, Sabathia, on the mound. he has been through more than one of these situations and could be pitching in his final game as a Yankees. However he needs to pitch and do it well as will that Yankees bullpen.

“We want him to be as effective for as long as he can be,” Boone said about Sabathia. ‘I’m not going to put a limit or even an expectation on it. I want him to go out and pitch and pitch his game, and we’ll see where it takes us.”

It’s all hand on deck. The analyzing of Monday night is in the record books and the slate is clean. Aaron Boone is managing the significant and crucial game in his rookie year and there will be no room for excuses.

You play these games in October, and for the Yankees this is where they want to be. Home and their 100 game winning season on the line. But Monday night was their chance to be in position and now they fight Tuesday night for survival.

The pick here was a series win in five games for the Yankees. Monday night that realization went away and it did without causing some thunder in the Bronx. The Red Six have the advantage and show they have better discipline at the plate.

It will come down to pitching Tuesday night. The team that scores first and puts enough runs on the scoreboard should move on and take on the Astros in the League Championship Series. Take it from there and wipe away Monday night for the Yankees.

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