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Orchard Beach: Seniors & Youth Basketball, Zumba & Health


The 24th Annual Celebrity Basketball Games & Family Health Day at Orchard Beach was once again the place to be on Sunday August 26. The weather was perfect for a beach day and a day of basketball and health fitness at the North End Basketball courts.

Bx. Parks Commish, Iris Rodríguez Rosa starting the game with ceremonial toss up. (photo Latino Sports)

The first game was between BronxNet & Latino Sports, two of the event sponsors. It was kicked off by a ceremonial toss up from Bronx Parks Commissioner, Iris Rodríguez Rosa. The commissioner was pleased to be present and do the ceremonial toss up to an event that has been taking place always on the last Sunday of August in the same location for 24 years.

This annual rivalry between BronxNet & Latino Sports is always a nail biter that brings out the best of friendship and competition. The competitiveness of each team is intense with a mixture of players of all ages. The score is usually very close, usually 2-4 points difference. Both teams were tied at half time. The teams continued to keep the score between them very close until the final minutes of the game when BronxNet pulled away to win 65-56.

Joe Cruz Jr., President of Hoops In The Sun another of the event sponsors was

Children who won free throw contest. (Photo: Latino Sports)

disappointed in losing the Bragging Rights Trophy to BronxNet (Latino Sports had won in 2017), but promised that we will win it back next year. Michael Knobe, Executive Director of BronxNet was pleased to win, but praised the games competitiveness and the 24th annual event for making health a major part of the games.

During half time, Hilda Rosario coordinated a Zumba dance workout for all to participate. As usual many in the audience joined the half time workout dancing to the sounds of DJ Willie and Ahinama Productions.

A bit of everything at annual celeb. BB game & Family Health Day. (Photo: Latino Sports)

The second game is also an annual competition between the Puerto Rico Pro Legends and the Harlem Legends. The Puerto Rico legends are majority senior players who had played in the Puerto Rican basketball league. They played the legends from the Harlem League and again, the friendly competitiveness was demonstrated in the quality and intensity of the game. Santos Negrón who loves the game of basketball and also responsible for promoting other basketball venues in El Barrio and other communities organizes this senior circuit game. The Puerto Rico Legends came back from a 8-point deficit to tie in the last few seconds and lost in the final second by a 2 point shot, 66-64.

During half time of the second game all children under the age of 10 years were invited to a free throw competition. The children love to participate and win prizes.

We want to thank our sponsors: Goya Foods for supplying healthy organic coconut water, New York Yankees for providing tickets for the winning teams, volunteers and participants in the workouts, Hoops in The Sun, BronxCare Hospital and the 45th Prescient.

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