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Special luncheon for students who worked on remembering Clemente


El Bronx, NY: Approximately 88 first graders from Public School 5 attended a special luncheon here in the South Bronx as their reward for participating in the 21 Days of Clemente. This 12th Annual event invites students from all ages to participate in writing, drawing, painting, or doing a musical performance dedicated to the memory of Roberto Clemente. Each student that participates will be receiving future game tickets from both the NY Mets and the NY Yankees and other forms of appreciation.

Some of the first graders having lunch due to their work on Roberto Clemente. (Photo Latino Sports)

The luncheon took place at the Applebee’s restaurant located in the gateway Mall in the South Bronx. Applebee’s is also hosting a great exhibit of Clemente memorabilia and is also exhibiting over one hundred works done by school children from first grade to High School.

Applebee’s looked more like one huge entertainment complex with almost every table filled with first graders and a parent, or teacher chaperone. I personally went around and was introduced to the parents and teachers who were very excited to have participated in the program and urged us to invite them again next year. I also had the opportunity to speak to some of the children and learned from them what they had learned about Clemente. It was refreshing to see that our work to maintain the legacy of this great humanitarian and baseball player is going to live on as these first graders become adults and pass their knowledge on to future generations.

Teachers and Applebee’s staff who worked to make this a great field trip for the students. (Photo Latino Sports)

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone responsible for helping us with this year’s 21 Days of Clemente. You have contributed to yet another positive grain of love and goodwill in the future of our community.

Thank you: Bob Sancho, Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center; Abel Espinosa, Applebee’s; Shannon Dalton-Ford, NY Mets; Brian Smith, NY Yankees; Diana Díaz, PS 5; Frances Rodríguez, Roberto Clemente State Park; Jim Robinson, Negro Leagues; Mariposa, Poet; Danny Torres, Howard Goldin and Andrew Rosario, Latino Sports.

We also want to thank all the teachers and parents that worked with the kids in meeting the deadline and contributing something to the 21 Days of Clemente.

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