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How the Sport of Baseball was a Godsend for Distinguished Actor Danny Aiello


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Danny Aiello

Book Review: “I Only Know Who I am When I am Somebody Else” by Danny Aiello with Gil Reavill. Gallery Books, New York.

Bronx, NY – Bronx natives and long-time residents have made important contributions in many different occupations, living productive lives, raising their families and being supportive of the members of their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Most live and die known only by those directly connected to their personal lives.

The first half of Danny Aiello’s 81 years of life was known only to those he came into contact with on the Upper West Side, where he lived with his mom and siblings until the family moved to the Bronx when Danny was nine years of age.

During his early childhood, the neighborhood that now encompasses Lincoln Center was a poverty area. He tells his story and that of his family with honesty. He writes openly of the family having to receive Home Relief (welfare) and his own brushes with the law.

Aiello recounts in detail his nearly 40 years as a resident of the Bronx. The family lived in the Crotona Park East and he attended P.S. 54 and JHS 98. After joining the U.S. Armed Services as a teenager, Aiello tells the story of his marriage and his struggles to provide a living for his family while living in Marble Hill and later in Riverdale.

Again, truthfulness is a feature of his story as he includes events that can be considered personally embarrassing to him. His years in the Bronx still impacted the gifted actor as he repeatedly refers to his reactions to events as that of a “Bronx Boy”.

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