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Sports & Beyond: Plum Time for the Nets


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The St. John’s Red Storm continued to cruise along at the Barclays Center on Sunday as they barely broke a sweat against Tulane University beating them 82-57. Sir’Dominic Pointer led the way with 24 points while D’Angelo Harrison scored 21.

Red Storm head coach Steve Lavin, while happy with the win, made it clear that he was not pleased with the team’s performance in the second half although he didn’t specify what angered him and none of the reporters from the daily newspapers, who hogged the microphone during the postgame press conference as per custom, followed up by asking Lavin about what upset him.

I caught Steve as he was leaving the podium and I asked him about the number of three-point shots the Johnnies took in the second half even though they had a lead that never fell below 20 points against a lifeless Tulane team. “You nailed it. I wasn’t happy at all with that,” he said.

Coach Lavin had a right to be ticked off. It was both poor sportsmanship and bad basketball on the part of the Red Storm. Using the “let sleeping dogs lie” logic, there is absolutely no reason to motivate an opposing team that is basically waving a white flag.

Shooting low percentage three-point shots with plenty of time on the clock instead of driving to the basket as time is winding down on a possession is a dumb thing for any team with a huge lead to do.

Why is that the Jets always seem to lose the last game of a season in Miami when it has playoff implications for them and win it when they are out of contention and thus getting a worse slot for the upcoming NFL Draft?  

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