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Sports & Beyond: Dolan Gives Isiah Liberty


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I am not sure what kind of competitive advantage New England Patriots QB Tom Brady got by using slightly deflated footballs in last January’s AFC Championship game with the Indianapolis Colts.

What is clear is that the tabloid sports media loves this story not just because it involves Brady and his head coach, perennial NFL villain Bill Belichick, but it gives headline creators liberty to come up with every possible double entendre involving the word “balls.”

The annual Sports Emmy Awards took place last week at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall last Tuesday.

NBC Sports’ Cris Collinsworth won yet another Emmy for best sports analyst. I asked him about the infamous turning point in the last Super Bowl when Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson inexplicably threw a pass from the New England Patriots’1-yard line that was intercepted in the final seconds of the game instead of calling for a less risky running play. At the time Collinsworth basically uttered, “What the hell was he thinking?”

“Calling a game knowing that 115 million people are watching is a strange thing. You wonder if other people are thinking exactly the same thing that you are. When Wilson dropped back I thought that he was running a quarterback draw and would try to run it into the endzone himself,” Cris said.

Cris is also racking up frequent flyer miles points flying into New York City this month. He appeared on the stage of Radio City Music Hall this past Monday as he was part of the NBC Upfront, the annual presentation to advertisers and media of the Peacock Network’s fall programming plans. “They wanted me to sing something. I am afraid that will become a YouTube moment that will haunt me forever,” Cris said with a hearty laugh.

Mike “Doc” Emrick, who calls National Hockey League games for NBC Sports, won the Emmy for best play-by-play broadcaster. Emrick told me that he thinks that the New York Islanders will be Stanley Cup contenders for years to come. “They will learn and get invaluable experience from coming up on the short end of that grueling seven-game series with the Washington Capitals,” said Doc.

Stephen Espinoza, the president of Showtime Sports was understandably a bit weary from all of the stress and preparation that he and his network had to invest in the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas that was held three days earlier.

I asked Espinoza about the economic impact that the fight had on Las Vegas. “It was crazy. You couldn’t get a flight from any Southern California airport into Las Vegas after the Tuesday before the fight,” he said.

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