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Sports Review: Drop ‘Harvey Day’


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Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro took a lot of flak last week from team rooters and many in the Philly media for saying that his fans weren’t knowledgeable. Amaro was venting his frustrations about the widespread demand that minor league talent be rushed to the majors because the current Phillies team is not very good. He had to apologize to his team’s fans through a press conference at CitiField where the Phillies were taking on the Mets.

The funny thing is that the personable and forthright Amaro was right and had absolutely no reason for any regrets. While it’s only natural for fans of a bad team to want to see young talent rushed along, the reality is that you can’t hurry player development.

Witty Philadelphia sports columnist Jack McCaffrey hit the nail on the head when he wrote in his Sunday column that if his city’s fans like to take bows for being tough than they ought to be able to take a punch as well particularly when it’s deserved.

Jamie Loeb, who won the NCAA women’s singles tennis championship, watched batting practice at Citi Field last Friday night. She expects to be in the main draw at the US Open and is obviously looking forward to playing professionally at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center this coming August.

Comic Jim Breuer was also at CitiField on Friday and conceded that these days he is an known for his YouTube videos that show off his devotion to the Mets as he is for his standup routines these days. “You can’t underestimate the power of social media. I have had folks coming to my shows in the Carolinas wearing Mets jerseys and they are not even baseball fans!” he told me.

Book Expo America (BEA) which took place last week at the Javits Center is the publishing industry’s annual convention to promote new and upcoming titles. Dr. Todd Sinett, a well-known New York chiropractor was promoting his latest book “3 Weeks To A Better Back” (East End Press).

I asked Sinett, a Mets fan, about third baseman David Wright who is suffering from spinal stenosis and whether he would play again. “Spinal stenosis sounds scary but I believe that it’s a BS diagnosis that is based on an MRI result. I have faith that Wright can overcome it with the right therapy,” he said optimistically. He added that he would be glad to send the Mets captain a copy of his book.

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