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Spurs Win Their Fifth NBA Championship



New York, NY – Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs for winning their fifth NBA Finals championship. Following their 104-87 win over last year’s champions, the Miami Heat, the Spurs successfully completed their road to redemption and won the series 4-1.

For Tim Duncan, he is now a player to have won an NBA Championship in three different decades with the same team. The Miami Heat may have the best player in Lebron James but San Antonio was the better team. The 2014 NBA Finals should be remembered for the Spurs road to redemption and not about Miami’s implosion.

While the Spurs Big 3 of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker led the charge, Spurs 22-years-old Kawhi Leonard was named Finals MVP. For full coverage of the NBA Finals, go to NBA.com.



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  • Julio

    All I can say is that YEAAHHHH! Go Spurs and your 80% Latino population in San Antonio.