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Star Boxing Gears Up for More at The Paradise


Bronx, NY – Joe DeGuardia, the founder and CEO of Star Boxing, has announced an ambitious series of boxing shows that will be held at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx during the upcoming months.

The first of the five cards will take place on Thursday night, May 5.

Although Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated at the bouts that night, many of the other ethnic groups that have congregated in the borough will be represented on the card. “We plan to get things started with a bang with our Cinco de Mayo show, which will feature some of the most exciting up and coming Latino prospects in boxing, including at least two who call the Bronx their home,” DeGuardia told

The sport of boxing has attracted sons and now daughters of each of the ethnic groups that have settled in the area and from each group that is on the bottom of the economic ladder. Regardless of a boxer’s background, DeGuardia calls the squared circle, “The ultimate equalizer.”

The dates of four of the five shows have already been confirmed. They will be scheduled to take place every other month, May 5, July 7, Oct. 6 and Dec. 1. The fifth show’s date is yet to be determined. Having the dates scheduled so early is a benefit to promoter, fighters and fans as it allows all parties involved to have sufficient time to plan for the event. DeGuardia explained the rationale for the early planning, “Now everyone knows when the dates will, so it will help us further be able to market and build the series into what we know it has the potential to be, one of the most popular boxing series on the entire East Coast. In addition to benefitting the fans, the boxers will also know our dates and can plan accordingly. It is a win-win for everyone.”

DeGuardia sees the forthcoming series of shows to be an extension of his previous series of 10 “Punchin’ at the Paradise” cards held several years ago, but with an additional feature. He wants all segments of the Bronx community to be present. DeGuardia intends to reach out to all sectors of the Bronx life, politics, business, entertainment, sports, education and dining.

The intelligent and farsighted boxing entrepreneur recognizes “the identity of community means doing things together.” What he envisions for the iconic Paradise Theater on the nights of boxing shows is “having it become a place where the people of the Bronx can get together on a regular basis, the place to see and be seen at in the Bronx. When someone attends one of the shows he/she may see anyone. It can become the in place to be in the Bronx, a hub of the community.”

The fights at the Paradise in 2011 will follow a long tradition for the art deco palace on the Grand Concourse of being a center of entertainment for Bronx residents and others. The theater, opened in 1929, has been the scene of films, stage presentations, concerts and sporting events. Its current ownership has already scheduled big name entertainment in the months to come. Tickets to any of the upcoming events can be purchased at the Paradise theater box office at 2417 Grand Concourse. Further information can be obtained at Star boxing by calling 1-718-823-200 or consulting the promotion’s website at

The Bronx and boxing go back in time to DeGuardia’s birth. The promoter was born in the Bronx and grew up around pugilism as his father boxed and later ran the Morris Park Boxing Club. Although he was a superior student, the young box was not afraid to test himself in the ring. He was the New York Golden Gloves 147 lb. open champion in 1988. During that same decade of his life, he graduated from Fordham University and later from Hofstra University Law School.

After completing law school, DeGuardia served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx before opening his own law practice. He also succeeded his father in running the Morris Park Boxing Club. He has since given up those responsibilities to concentrate on Star Boxing, a promotion that he founded in 1992 and still remains in the Bronx.

In the fall of 2009, DeGuardia accepted another important task. He was one of the founding members of the Boxing Promoters Association.  At its second meeting, the members elected DeGuardia as its president. A man of his experience and intelligence realizes how this body can be used as an instrument of reform that can change both the ills and the perceived ills in the sport of boxing.

DeGuardia concluded by affirming, “The Bronx has a great history in boxing, but the Bronx has even better days ahead, and I want to be a participant in having people see this.”

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