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What’s The Story With The Gurriel Brothers Who Defected?


Two brothers who were the most popular baseball players in Cuba, Yulieski & Lourdes Gurriel defected in February while playing in the Caribbean Baseball Series in the Dominican Republic. These brothers are part of the principal baseball family in Cuba. Their father Lourdes Gurriel was a superstar player and manager of a national team.

Their defection was one of the biggest surprises in both Cuba and U.S. baseball circles familiar with Cuban baseball. I myself could not believe these two brothers defected as I had met them both and their parents when I visited Cuba with my son who was filming for Vice for a forthcoming baseball piece.

We spent a few hours with the brothers and I personally spent quality time with Mr. & Mrs Gurriel talking about our families and how proud we were of our children. They were extremely proud of their sons and the fact that they both played with pride for their island nation.

As a parent myself I could not help but wonder what the Gurriel family must have been going through?

I also could not help think that the Gurriel brothers did not really plan their defection through, or they had terrible advise. If they would have just waited another month the situation would have been much easier for them as we now know how baseball is quickly changing after President Obama visit to Cuba and the Tampa Bay’s game Vs. the Cuban National Team in Havana.

We will continue to follow up on these brothers desire to play baseball in the U.S. and keep our readers informed.

In the meantime, here is another interesting article on the Gurriel brothers defection: SOURCE


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