on's Carrie Sanchez checks in with both New York managers on Friday night. The opener of the Subway Series was postponed due to heavy rain.NEW YORK – Friday night’s Mets and Yankees game was rained out, but inside the stadium it as though the teams were physically and emotionally drained out themselves.


The Mets especially kept themselves at a distance from the media. Their were two press conferences with both managers. Yankee manager Joe Girardi was first and he didn't have much to offer. He stayed about 15 minutes answering questions that weren't in depth. He asked who was available to pitch these in these games. He said: "(Ian) Kennedy has to get his sight on target. He's healthy and has worked out, he should be ready, so is (Mike) Mussina. Alex Rodriguez is also coming back. He ran a few laps yesterday and he's going to play tomorrow. Today is just like any other day. Of course our baseball senses are heightened because of these games, but we're not going to change our lineup just to see what works best. We're not where we want to be right now, we have to work at it and get better. Right now we our fortunate and blessed that the All Star Game is here in New York, Terry Francona is going to be the manager for the American League and I'm not bothered at all by Francona using my office and I'm just happy for him, he deserves to be there."

Johnny Damon probably danced for rain. He said he wasn't looking forward to seeing Mets ace Johan Santana out there on the mound. "I don't think it's to our advantage to see Santana out there. We're going have to scratch and crawl just to get runs in early against him and keep them at bay. The Mets are a hot team; they've been winning on the coast. I respect this series. (Yankees co-chairman) Hank Steinbrenner says players should earn there pay and Damon agrees with him: "If you’re paid a high salary or any salary you should earn your pay and especially against the Mets, we're going do just that."
Mets manager Willie Randolph's meeting with the media was a bit more productive. The major topic was closer Billy Wagner's comment to a reporter about his teammates. Wagner feels his teammates aren’t giving there all. In the locker room after the game with the Nationals two nights ago, a reporter asked Wagner about the Mets losing ways in which Wagner directed the reporter to go the locker's in front of his and ask them that question since he hadn't even pitched in the game.
 Mets first baseman Carlos Delgado wasn't present during Wagner's outburst but he was being put in the middle of things anyway. At the second press conference, Randolph was asked if Delgado was available to the media. "These guys workout, shower, go on about their business. Anyone can go up to them and ask anything they want."  

There seems to be a lot of tension between the Mets and the media at Shea. "We have to tighten up and show everyone we have talent good enough to get the job done,” Randolph added. “We are playing better, we just have to fight and do battle and get things out of the way. They have to get things off there chest. I listen to the radio; I listen to the things people say about us. We are trying to win for the fans, the organization, and for ourselves as a team. I know these guys want to win, I'm with them everyday, don't tell me there not out there to win, I'm with them everyday. I'm disappointed in the way we are playing, but we just have to focus and go out there and win." 


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