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SummerStage: Brasil Summerfest [Photos]



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New York, NY – Before the summer was over, she left.

Nevertheless, I’m enjoying my SummerStage. Combined with this city’s diversity and universal love for music is what has made my summer days in Central Park truly special. If you’ve never attended a SummerStage event, do it. It’s free, it’s entertaining, and if you’re fortunate, you’ll make friends as you’re running into some old ones.

In association with Brasil Summerfest, Sunday’s SummerStage featured…

Three very different young up-and-comers showcase the marvelous and myriad stylings of contemporary Brazilian music. BaianaSystem, the dub and Bahian guitar innovators who are a central part of Brazil’s Carnival circuit, have brought millions of people out into the streets with their singular sound.

They’re joined by the bandolim guru Hamilton de Holanda and his trio, who will perform along with the Latin Grammy-nominated artist Roberta Sá, as well as the forward-thinking rhythms of the one and only Xenia França


City Parks Foundation is delighted to present the 2018 season of SummerStage, New York’s largest free outdoor performing arts festival. New York is the quintessential global city, and the place we have been proud to call home for more than three decades.

SummerStage brings the best music from around the world to New York’s many and varied communities, using local neighborhood parks as gathering spaces in which to experience world class culture. From iconic performers to the latest up-and-coming artist, we present everything from indie to Afrobeat, Latin trap to soul, reggae to contemporary dance, fado to EDM, and everything in between.

Join us for more than 100 shows in 18 neighborhood parks this summer. Come watch a legendary artist or discover the performer you’ll love next!

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