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Superstition Redux, What the Players Believe


Citi Field, Queens- Superstition has long infiltrated the world of sports, and as the 84th All-Star game approaches we here at Latino Sports decided to find out which ones still exist, and who practice them.

American League pitcher Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners- “I have lots of them. I’ll wear the same shirt, the same watch, shoes or glasses. Nobody can give me water, and I throw up [the bottle] the same way every time.”

American League pitcher Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox- No, I don’t really have any, but if I find anyone who does, I’ll let you know.” We’re hoping Sale will give us the exclusive scoop on Tuesday.

American League Outfielder Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels- Trout revealed that he had many odd routines, but would not disclose them We can only assume they involve the Angels’ trademark Rally Monkey.

National League Pitcher Aroldis Chapman, Cincinnati Reds- “No not really, I actually just try to do the same things everyday, however, nobody puts their hands on my glove.”

American League Infielder Jason Kipnis, Cleveland Indians- “I’ll use a different bat weight, just keep changing them throughout the game from a white to a black one, to whatever else we have.”

American League Infielder Jhonny Peralta, Detroit Tigers- “I try to do the same things in choosing my shoes and bats, especially the bats. I once hit two home runs in a game with a bat and then it broke. After that, I felt very sad.”

American League Infielder J.J. Hardy, Baltimore Orioles- “People would be amazed to see how many shoes, and jerseys and bats and all sorts of things we have in our lockers. A lot of people tend to just have the same routine, for me it’s using the same shower-head. I noticed other guys doing the same thing, but I don’t know if it’s a superstition or just something they have fallen familiar with.”

American League Pitcher Chris Tillman, Baltimore Orioles- “Anyone who says they don’t have one is lying. For me it is always getting ready, getting dressed, doing my pregame routines in the exact same way.”

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