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yanks-latino-monthBronx, NY – Hours before tonight’s New York Yankees (76-67) second game of their three-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers (81-62), 10-time Grammy Award-winner Eddie Palmieri entertained the Latino Media Members.

As much as the Yankees need to end their two-game losing streak, it was refreshing to be at Yankee Stadium where the pregame discussion was Baseball & Music with the musical legend.

Listening to Eddie express his love for baseball and music reminded me of my grandfather. Abuelo was a firm believer that as powerful as it was to feel the passion (in anything), one needs to recognize the history in order to honor it appropriately.

The native son of Ponce, Puerto Rico was first introduced to baseball in the form of Stickball. Enthusiastically, he recalled how all one needed for stickball was a mop stick and a good Spalding ball. Along with his childhood days of playing stickball, Eddie regaled us with his vivid memory of the years New York had the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants before they relocated to California.

Out of all three teams he followed, Eddie preferred the Giants because of their legendary center fielder Willie Mays. Nevertheless, Eddie enjoyed following the Yankees. After his left Puerto Rico, they lived in El Barrio at 112th before they moved permanently to the Bronx where his passion for baseball and music grew further.

One of Eddie’s childhood was going to a Yankees game at the original Yankee Stadium and the moment of silence they had in honor of the passing of Babe Ruth. Even though the Sultan of Swat’s death took place in 1948, there was a sadness in Palmieri’s voice and facial expression.

I believe Eddie sensed the heaviness in the conference room that he was able to express the joy and happiness he felt when saw players such as Roberto ClementeOrlando “Baby Bull” Cepeda and Juan Marichal.

As much as he loves the game of baseball, Eddie admitted that he prefers when the yesteryears of baseball because the only way to reach the World Series was to win the pennant. He also pointed out how players then needed another job to supplement their baseball income.

During the press conference several Yankee players such Baby Bomber Gary Sanchez, came out and presented Eddie with a jersey. Touched by this, Eddie continued to answer our questions about baseball and the music industry. Following the press conference, majority of us stayed befind and thanked Eddie for the joy he’s brought into our lives.

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