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Talking Messi With Brewers’ Carlos Torres



Flushing, NY – On Memorial Day, the New York Mets defeated the Milwaukee Brewers by  a final score of 4-2. The winning pitcher was Mets RHP Robert Gsellman. In seven innings of work, Gsellman struck out five batters, allowed three hits and surrendered one home run, two walks, two runs and one earned run. As for the offense, they were clutch.

Following his gutsy performance, Gsellman has won three out of his four contests. As owner of 3-3 record, Gsellman is demonstrating to many why his manager Terry Collins and his teammates believe in his potential. On a cloudy and chilly day, Gsellman’s sinker forced opposing batters to spray their balls to all over the foul area. In addition, many “easy” outs were produced as the game went on.

Supporting Gsellman was Wilmer Flores who went 3-for-4 and is quietly batting .393 (24-61) for the month of May. Prior to the game, Flores hosted foster children and their families from the nonprofit organization, North American Family Institute. It’s an organization that provides developmental support programs for children, families, and adults. For more information, go to

As stated in the press release I had received, “In addition to meeting Flores, participants will be give a t-shirt, watch batting practice, receiver complimentary tickets to the game and food vouchers. The goal of the program is to continue to raise awareness about the thousands of local foster children in need of homes and the opportunity for families to serve as foster parents, adoptive families and mentors.”

After Gsellman was removed from the game, the best pitcher from the Ragtag Amazins (Mets bullpen), Paul Sewald pitched a scoreless eighth inning. Closing the game in the ninth was Addison Reed. Despite a shaky performance and two men on base, Addison Reed prevented Milwaukee from the tying the game as he struck out the next two batters before the third one lined out to Michael Conforto to end the game. For Reed, his clutch performance earned him his seventh save of the season. Mets Win, Always Believe…

  • Final Score: Mets 4, Brewers 2
  • Winning Pitcher: Robert Gsellman (3-3)
  • Losing Pitcher: Matt Garza (2-2)
  • Save: Addison Reed (7)
  • Attendance: 34,830
Carlos Torres and Gemini Keez (Credit: Cesar Diaz/Latino Sports)

Carlos Torres and Gemini Keez (Credit: Cesar Diaz/Latino Sports)

Talking Messi With Carlos Torres: Prior to today’s game, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with former Amazin’ pitcher Carlos Torres. Moments before we met, I saw him and longtime photographer Gemini Keez having a conversation. Gemini, who is recognized for photographing athletes footwear and equipment, pointed to Torres’ cleats. Just as Torres was about to reply, I complimented his Adidas brand Lionel Messi cleats.

Torres eyes lit up and confirmed that I was correct. For those of you unfamiliar with Messi, he is who billions consider to be the best soccer player in the planet today. Of course, if you’re a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, you may not agree. Getting back to Torres, from there we proceeded to talk about soccer and Messi. A huge fan of Messi, Torres proudly told me that Adidas has given him all the Messi-related apparel and cleats that he wants.

In addition to talking about Messi’s style of play and toughness, I encouraged Torres to make it a point at some point to watch Messi play live. I assured him that watching Messi play live in person would be one of the best experiences he would have as a fan. I thanked him for our conversation. We shook hands. He went one way, I went another.

What started off as a conversation between a Major Leaguer and a Writer concluded with two soccer aficionados who both admire the phenomenal player that is Lionel Messi.

Credit: Cesar Diaz/Latino Sports

Credit: Cesar Diaz/Latino Sports


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