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New York, NY – Following last Saturday’s October 19th UFC 166 card, both UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez and UFC Lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez left the cage as winners. Against tough & respected opponents that were Junior dos Santos and Diego Sanchez, both Velasquez and Melendez demonstrated the mental toughness and heart it takes to be a successful fighter in the UFC.

If you’re a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, then I recommend Dethrone Films latest MMA documentary, Mexican Fighter. Directed by Bobby Razak who is recognized as The King of MMA Filmmaking by Sports Illustrated, truly captured the essence of a Mexican Fighter.

Featuring MMA stars Cain Velasquez, Gilbert Melendez, and Miguel Torres and filmed in 2009, the audience is will have an inside look into the lives of each fighter and where they were professionally. At the time of the filming, Velasquez was preparing for for his sixth MMA fight where he faced off against Cheick Congo.

While Velasquez was working his way up in the UFC Heavyweight ranks, Gilbert Melendez was on a mission to regain his Strikeforce Lightweight Championship that he lost to Josh Thomson in 2008. If there’s one thing that any aspiring fighter can learn from Melendez is that the road to reclaiming what once was his was a what it appeared petrifying experience at times, he never stopped working.

If anything, he understood how difficult it is to move up in the MMA world and he painfully learned how much harder it is to stay there. Which now leads to Miguel Torres. When Mexican Fighter was being filmed, Miguel Torres was on a 17-fight winning streak preparing to defend his WEC Bantamweight Championship against Brian Bowles.

Out of all three fighters, I will always be connected with Torres. Truth be told, because of Miguel Torres, I started wearing glasses and was forced to change my hairstyle. During Torres amazing run, hardcore MMA fans would approach me for a picture opportunity and an autograph.

Despite informing them that I wasn’t Torres, people still insisted in getting their picture taken with me. Granted, I was training 6-days a week at the time but I had no aspirations of ever becoming a fighter.

Out of the three fighters in this documentary, one has to wonder how much his loss to Brian Bowles has truly affected him as a fighter and as a person. Following his loss to Bowles, Torres has gone 3-4 over his last seven fights. During this span, he went 2-2 in the UFC.

Currently on a two-fight losing streak, Torres will have an opportunity to earn his first win in almost two years when faces Pablo Alfonso in the World Series of Fighting 6 card on Saturday, October 26. Hopefully, we’ll witness the return of the fighter who won our hearts through his battles inside the cage.

What I loved about this documentary is that it wasn’t an underdog story revolving around three Latino fighters soley focused on fighting. It was a story about three Latino men who made the decision to make the necessary sacrifices and dedicate their lives to their MMA careers.

What I found captivating about this documentary was how all three fighters discussed how influential their families and iconic Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez were in their lives. By removing showmanship MMA has somewhat become, this documentary chronicles the dedication and struggles they endured in trying to make it as a fighter.

Throw in the economic struggles combined with the importance of family, the audience will understand how the connection to their Mexican roots is a remainder that they’re not only fighters, they’re also role models within the Latino Community. Not only as a Fighter, but as a Mexican, a Son, a Partner, a Friend and as a Father.

Mexican Fighter is a documentary that is worth giving to anyone who has a dream of becoming something in their lives. It’s a good doucmentary to watch whenever one feels the struggles and pressures of trying to succeed in their chosen path. It’s also a reminder that there’s no shortcuts to hard work.

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It's all about fundamentals and discipline.

Cain Velasquez, the First Mexican UFC Heavyweight Champion

About Bobby Razak

Bobby Razak is the man Sports Illustrated has titled, “The King of MMA Filmmaking.” Razak was an early pioneer and promoter of mixed martial arts.

Also being a talented film director he decided to marry his twin passions to capture the action surrounding the emerging and exciting sport of mixed martial arts. Originally from London he knew that he needed to move to Los Angeles to fulfill his dream of sharing his vision with the world.

After arriving in Los Angeles he met with the crew of Tapout and seeing they shared his burning passion for Mixed Martial Arts, asked them to join him in filming Pit Fight, one of his early MMA works, which featured MMA Legends Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman. The film was a revolutionary look at Mixed Martial Arts and it achieved notoriety and buzz for featuring real bare knuckle fights.

To capture the most realistic, raw, in depth and entertaining look at Mixed Martial Arts possible and bring it to the fans of the sport. For Bobby Razak the founding of Tapout Films is one more step in his climb to cementing his title as the number one mixed martial arts director in the world. For more information, go to

Mexican Fighter

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