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Ten Years Ago, Puerto Rico Defeated The USA Dream Team


On August 15th 2004 the small island of Puerto Rico defeated the mighty USA Dream team by a score of 92 to 73 in the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece. That was the first time that the USA team had lost after professional NBA players were allowed to play in international competition.

The USA team had won 24 games in a row until they met “the little mouse that roared.”

Here in Puerto Rico every daily newspaper had an article on that historic game that helped to put Puerto Rico Basketball on the world map.


Carlos Arroyo played a great game to lead Puerto Rico to that historic win. (Photo courtesy of Primerahora.com)

I remember that I was in a picnic and when a friend called me from Puerto Rico with the news and the score I thought it was a joke until I went home and heard it on the news. At that time we had a store, The Latino Sports Clubhouse and I immediately thought of selling the Carlos Arroyo #7 jersey since Carlos outdid himself in that game with 24 points to help his team win against some of the best players in the world.That was the hottest item in the store for months (I believe we still have a few more in storage).

In Spanish we have a saying: “Recordar es Vivir” (To remember is to live).

We want to help many young Puerto Ricans and Latinos “live” by remembering that important day in basketball history.

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