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The Tension In A Must-Win One Run Game


Bronx, NY – For the second time this post season the New York Yankees were playing in a MUST-WIN game. It was either win, or pack the bags and clear the locker room on Tuesday. The pressure this puts on all the players is something that only time can tell.

If you ask any of them they will tell you that this is just another game and their focus is to win and that is all that they are thinking of. However, if you judge by their reactions when they make a great play like Aaron Judge leaping to steal a two run home run from Francisco Lindor that would have put Cleveland ahead 2-0 (and in retrospect winning game 3), or Greg Bird’s homer to put the Yankees ahead 1-0 you could tell that the players might say one thing, but their emotions say another.

Emotions were also running high for the 48,614 fans that booed manager Joe Girardi when he was introduced in the pre-game presentations. “I was expecting that. I prepared myself and my family for that,” he admitted in the post game press conference. He continued, “our fans are very emotional, they want us to win and they let us know when we make mistakes.”

However, the Yankees made very little mistakes yesterday as Tanaka pitched a brilliant game. Tanaka blanked Cleveland’s impressive offense on three hits through seven innings. He only allowed one walk and struck out seven over a 92-pitch effort.

Between Tanaka’s pitching and the Yankee defense they were able to hold down the emotions of the steam rolling Indians who were playing to return to Cleveland as the victors waiting for the Astros – Boston series to play out.

This emotional game was decided by one run (credit to Cleveland pitchers as well). If Judge would not have caught Lindor’s homer they would have lost 2-1, again by one run making this game a real nail biter for all the fans, Yankees and Indians alike.

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