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The Bizarre World of the Knicks



NEW YORK – Only in the bizarre universe of the New York Knicks and owner James Dolan could they resolve the Stephon Marbury matter the way they did.

After watching him testify in the sexual harassment case, which helped cost the organization roughly $12 million dollars, James Dolan decided he was going to let Marbury rot on the bench for basically the entire season while paying him $21 million dollars.

The Knicks released Marbury Tuesday. In a joint statement from Marbury and the Knicks, they said: "A comprehensive agreement was made this afternoon between the New York Knicks and Stephon Marbury. Under its terms, the grievance has been resolved and the Knicks have requested waivers on Stephon. No additional terms will be disclosed."

But first, they first threw him a bone earlier this season and told him he would be their starting shooting guard, giving him the incentive to come to camp in shape. He complied and was in the best shape since joining the team in 2003. Then, out of nowhere, he found himself on the bench. First-year head coach Mike D ‘Antoni claimed there was no room for him in the rotation. Instead of Marbury blowing up as he has in the past (remember when he threatened to tell vile stories about Isiah Thomas) he simply took the demotion and said he would do anything the organization wanted him to do.

When approached about playing on two separate occasions in the beginning of the season, Marbury declined. He was fined and told to stay away from the team, the training complex and the Garden. Marbury then purchased a courtside seat when the Knicks played the Lakers in Los Angeles and spoke to the press, expressing his desire to have the team release him so he could sign with another team. He even offered to give the Knicks roughly $1 million dollars in order to expedite his release. They refused.

Finally, after the arbitration hearing Tuesday afternoon to settle the $400k fine as a result of Marbury refusing to play, the team agreed to release him outright giving him the option to sign with any team. Many thought the organization would not release him until after Mar. 1 so he would not be eligible for the playoffs. It would be their way of retaliating for all of the negative publicity he has caused the organization. But in the bizarre universe that is James Dolan (one day after firing popular Rangers head coach Tom Renney), Dolan has given Marbury the chance to sign with a team that will almost certainly make the playoffs, if not the NBA Finals.

Who do you think is laughing now?

There have been owners of teams that have been labeled the Worst Owners in Sports. Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers, Daniel Snyder of the Washington Redskins, Bill Bidwell of the Arizona Cardinals (even them going to the Super Bowl doesn’t take him off the list) and Jerry Reinsdorf of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox come to mind.

New York Knicks owner James Dolan has been on this list for quite some time.

His actions the last 48 hours may have just elevated him to the top of the list as the Worst Owner of professional sports teams today. Hey, he can finally say he’s #1 at something!             

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