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#TheNewDecidersPBS Kicks Off on Sept. 6th



AMERICA BY THE NUMBERSNew York, NY – The best way I can support shows like Latino USA and the PBS documentary series, “American By The Numbers w/Maria Hinojosa,” is to invest in it.

Whether you make a donation, give it five stars on iTunes, or listen/watch both shows, you’re making an investment. With that said, The New Deciders, will premiere Sept. 6th on PBS. It’s a special regarding the 2016 election.

Thanks to the email Julio Digital Media Director for the Futuro Media Group Ricardo Varela hand-delivered to me, here’s how you can help…

For Facebook, just click on this link. Once you see the photo, all you have to do is click on SHARE and BOOM, the image is on your Facebook wall for your friends to see.

If you want to write a personal message, that’s cool, too. And, you can also TAG America By the Numbers so we know and we can thank you for it. For Twitter, just click on this link and then click on RETWEET. (FYI, #TheNewDecidersPBS is the show’s official hashtag.)

About American By The Numbers w/Maria Hinojosa

Behind every number, there’s a story. America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa is a new PBS documentary series—the first to focus on the dramatic demographic shifts currently taking place in this country.

As we explore underreported stories from every corner of the nation, we reveal the human face of the biggest population change in U.S. history.

The new American mainstream —the growing number of Asians, Latinos, African Americans, mixed race, immigrants, women, youth, and LGBT— is influencing elections, culture, commerce, and every facet of contemporary life.

We investigate these dynamic developments using infographics, statistical analysis, in-depth reporting, and compelling storytelling with anchor and executive producer Maria Hinojosa. America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa first aired in fall 2014 on the WORLD Channel and PBS.


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