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World Baseball Classic 2017

There’s Going To Be A Rumble Tonight – PR vs USA


In was the most famous play and then movie of the 1960’s depicting the growth of the Puerto Rican community in New York. West Side Story was popular because it represented the will of a community trying to establish itself in a city where they were treated as immigrants (something that they were not as Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens). One famous scene of the play/movie was when they were about to rumble. The theme song was, “There’s going to be a rumble tonight.”

Well tonight there is going to be another rumble between Anglo’s & Puerto Ricans, but not between two gangs, the Sharks representing the Puerto Rican’s and the Jets representing the Anglo community. This rumble is going to be a highly anticipated battle on the baseball diamond between team USA and team Puerto Rico in the second round of the World Baseball Classic being played in PETCO Park San Diego.

Just about every Puerto Rican on the island will be glued to their TV, or to giant size monitors in some town plaza, just as many Puerto Ricans in the states will also be doing. On my flight from Orlando Florida to Los Angeles this morning I saw several Boricuas wearing the Puerto Rican jersey who were coming to the West Coast to drive down to San Diego to see tonight’s game.

The tweets and comments on social media is proof that this game is getting mucho attention on the island. It’s almost as if the major crisis that the island is going through in part because of the U.S. – Puerto Rican relationship of a colony will be played out tonight on the ball field. As if a Puerto Rican victory will be interpreted as a victory for a small island nation over a powerful colonial power.

No matter the outcome tonight, one thing is certain, there is going to be a rumble tonight in San Diego.

Three things to know about this game

• At 4-0, Puerto Rico is one of two undefeated teams in WBC 2017, along with Japan (6-0). Japan already punched its ticket to the Championship Round at Dodger Stadium after defeating Israel on Wednesday in Tokyo. The Netherlands also advanced out of Pool E.

• Starting pitchers for the U.S. haven’t allowed a earned run in WBC 2017, taking a 17 1/3-inning streak into tonight’s contest.

• The U.S. and Puerto Rico have met four times in Classic history. The first two meetings were in the second round of the 2009 Classic. Puerto Rico won the first game, 11-1, but the U.S. eliminated Puerto Rico with a 6-5 victory in the second meeting to advance to the semifinals.

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