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Photos: The Third Annual NY Coffee Festival



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New York, NY – Coffee is the one ally that has always been at my side. Good times, bad times, that sweet and bitter drink has never abandoned me. Nor has it ever betrayed me. Whether I’m covering a game, at a meeting, or on a date, a cup of coffee is present.

In short, Coffee is my Excalibur. My Mjolnir. My Lucille. For those of you who remember Popeye, my can of Spinach. Take the 2017 Season of Major League Baseball. Out of a possible 165 Yanks/Mets regular season and postseason home games, I covered a 124 games. How was I able to cover 75% of MLB games, you ask?

Along with being quirky, I also had a clear mind, a steady diet and regular workout routine. However, it was the cups of coffee I guzzled provided me the relaxation and energy I needed throughout the season. It also helps that I’m not obsessed with sports. As much as I enjoy covering the games and meeting the athletes, when I leave the ballpark, I revert back to Clark Kent. So when I was invited to this year’s NY Coffee Festival, I attended.

As success as the two previous Coffee Festival were, this one was epic. More vendors, more people, more music, and more artists for the Project Waterfall cause. For of those of you not familiar with the festival, here’s what you missed… but first…

Before you click over to the next page, the New York Yankees is down 0-2 to the Houston Astros in the best-of-seven American League Championship Series. Having lost the first two games by a 2-1 score, the Pinstripes will have their opportunity to level the series at Yankee Stadium. Game 3 will take place on Monday night at 7:05pm. Let’s go Yankees!

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