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Third Annual Sex Expo: The Conversation Continues



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New York, NY – On Saturday, I caught up with Chris Donaghue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

For many people nationwide, Dr. Chris is known as a doctor of clinical sexology and human sexuality, trained doctorally in clinical psychology, licensed clinical therapist, and a nationally certified sex therapist. He’s also the author of his book, “Sex Outside the Lines: Authentic Sexuality in a Sexually Dysfunctional Culture.”

For me, Chris is my friend. Even though we hadn’t seen each other in a year, we picked up our conversation during this year’s Third Annual Sex Expo over at the Brooklyn Expo Center. He’s busy, I’m busy but in the few minutes we caught up, we covered our main points. Overall, we’re doing well in our professional and personal lives.

Much like last year, I still believe the Sex Expo is an educational event that puts a stylish touch on sex-ed, anchored by workshops hosted by top “sexperts” and exhibition halls featuring cutting-edge pleasure products. Along with opening up dialogue about sexuality and the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of love, it also empowers everyone in attendance to immerse themselves in all of the benefits of a healthy sex life.

So what did I learn? Talking about sex isn’t hard at all. Granted, initiating the conversation can be a challenge but once you cross that hurdle, it’s acutally informative as well as assuring that you’re not the only one who may have any insecurities about certain aspects of relationships and sex. The secret is being open minded and if you’re willing to research any of the information provided in the workshops and booths, you’ll be in a for a surprise.

Much like covering sports, covering the Sex Expo is no different. There’s notes to read, technology to review, and people to interview. Let’s not forget about the aficionados in attendance. Yes, the tools and uniforms are different but the same could be said for baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc. In my warped view, there’s really no difference.

If there wasn’t a demand for sex education and empowerment, then there wouldn’t have been a long line and the number of people having open dialogue about a topic that some of us consider dirty. With that said, feel free to review the photos I took on Saturday. Who knows, there may be something that you may want to research. If not, no worries. With that said, the New York Jets lead the Miami Dolphins at halftime by a score of 10-0.

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