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Tigers Pounce Yanks, Saturday’s Pinstripe Photos



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“All In is a serendipitous tale of things just falling in line one after another. And that big question of what happens next with this group? We are sticking together. Every single person knows what it’s like to be told they’re undesirable. This group went from undesirable to undeniable.” Cody Rhodes, NWA Champion

Bronx, NY – Sunday’s matinee baseball at Yankee Stadium was by far the longest game of the season. In a losing cause, the New York Yankees were crushed 11-7 by the visiting Detroit Tigers. For the Pinstripes concluded their seven-game home stand with a 3-4 record. Following the loss, the team prepared to travel to California to kick off their 9-game road trip starting with the Oakland A’s which will kick off on Monday at 4pm.

Hispanic Hertiage Month at Yankee Stadium: Prior to today’s game, the Yanks recognized the Cyclones team from the Bronx-based International Baseball Little League, who recently won the New York Baseball Fever Under-12 Baseball Tournament. For a list of September’s Hispanic Heritage Month events, click here.

Game Summary: Sunday, September 2, 2018

  • FINAL SCORE: Yankees 7 (86-51), Tigers 11 (55-82)
  • WINNING PITCHER: Matthew Boyd (9-12; 6.0IP, 5H, 3R, 3ER, 1BB, 6SO, 2HR)
  • LOSING PITCHER: Lance Lynn (8-10; 3.2IP, 9H, 6R, 6ER, 1BB, 6SO, 0HR)
  • SAVE: None
  • HOME RUNS (Yanks): Aaron Hicks (24th HR/1st Inning), Luke Voit (6th HR/4th Inning)
  • HOME RUNS (Tigers): Nicholas Castellanos (20th HR/4th Inning), Victor Reyes (1st HR/ 6th Inning)
  • ATTENDANCE (Paid): 43,721
  • TIME: 3:41
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