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Tonights Twins Vs. Yankee Game, Is It More Than Just Stats?


How much does the mind over matter aspect work in a game like tonight? The numbers and the stats all favor the Yanks, but the psychology, the mindset, hey even the spirituality of those young Twins players can’t be measured in just numbers.

We know that The Bronx and many Yankee fans outside our borough are all excited about tonight’s game. Will the Yankees advance to the next round of the Playoff’s, or will they lose to the underdog Minnesota Twins?

The Yankees have a lot to prove to everyone who thought that they were out of any playoff contention this season when they gutted the team of the older veteran players and focused on a new crop of younger players from the minors. The Yankees were thinking of the future, perhaps next season being more competitive. Well someone forgot to tell that to the players who have surprised everyone. Gary Sanchez setting a franchise record for catchers with his homeruns and Aaron Judge setting a new rookie record as well as setting up a Judge’s chamber for the fans in right field. They are just two of the youngsters who have made this team competitive and exciting to watch.

As in many cases, many sports experts were wrong on their predictions for the Yankees this season and a lot has to do with the fact that experts can’t measure the will, the energy, the excitement that is in each player’s mindset.

The same can be said for the Twins. The Twins, who lost 100 games last season were way off the experts chart for a post-season game. Their strategy was “rebuilding” and perhaps in the 2018 season begin to be more competitive. Well again, someone forgot to tell those youngsters in the locker room that looks more like a senior high school, college locker than a Major League Baseball locker room.

Don’t fall a sleep on the Twins, as perhaps they might have more to prove than being in a Wild Card playoff game.  Also, they might also be pumped and ready to take on the favorite Yankee team after being swept by the Bronx Boys in their last series in Yankee stadium two weeks ago.

So tonight it will not be the statistics that will win for either side, it will be Las Ganas, the will, the desire that is in the mindset of each and everyone of those players that play on that field and how that mind body coordinates to provide the improbable, possible.

This is baseball at its best, that’s why I love this game.



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