Top Paid Latinos in Baseball MLB 2012


Top Paid Latinos In Baseball


Bronx, NY – When Roberto Clemente signed his big contract for a total of $150,000 a season back in his day people thought that was a big deal. A Latino baseball player that had reached such a high level contract was not common. Well today not one Latino playing in the majors makes $150,000 because the minimum wage for any baseball player in 2011 was $414,000.

Below is  a list of the top paid Latinos in baseball today. My how things have changed.

What is your opinion? Do you think that baseball players are paid too much, not enough, or just about right? Please share your comments below. The first five to comment will receive a NY Yankee wall calendar.

 The Top Latino Paid Players in MLB

1. Alex Rodríguez, NY Yankees $30,000,000
2. Johan Santana, NY Mets $23,145,011
3. Adrián González, Boston Red Sox $21,857,142
4. Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers $21,000,000
5. Felix Hernández, Seattle Mariners  $19,700,000
6. Carlos Lee, Houston Astros $19,000,000
7. Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs $19,000,000
8. Carlos Zambrano, Miami Marlins$19,000,000
8. Adrian Beltré, Texas Rangers $15,000,000
9. Hanley Ramírez, Miami Marlins $15,000,000
10. Mariano Rivera, NY Yankees  $14,940,025

For a more in depth breakdown by team visit Tony Menendez Baseball Page. The page is in Spanish, but numbers are numbers:

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  • Jmuniz94

    Personally I feel as if once you get paid too much money your skills start to decline. Your passion for the game isn’t as strong anymore when you make your cool million dollars. You stop getting down and dirty to make a play, and sometimes money gets to you. 

    Without much money, players are more willing to sacrifice themselves for team victory. With money, comes a reduced passion for the game.
    But there is a reason these players get paid a great deal of money, there is no taking away their skills.