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Tribeca Film Festival: SATAN & ADAM Jam Session



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New York, NY – No matter the number of setbacks and tragedies we experience in our lives, we will continue to live. How we face those adversities will remain to be seen. Good, bad, young, and, old… time does not discriminate. As unjust as time can appear to be, our actions over it balances out the individual we once were, who we are now, and who we will ultimately be remembered for. In layman terms, life isn’t easy.

On Friday night, I kicked off this year’s Tribeca Film Festival at the City Winery night club in the Village. My purpose was to experience a jam session by one of the best musician Blues duo I’ve ever heard in my life, SATAN & ADAM. Their music took me back to 1986 and the gritty New York I grew up in.


SATAN & ADAM is the beautiful story about the musician duo by the same name. One was a demon on guitar; the other was fresh out of school and no slouch on harmonica. Filmed over two decades, SATAN & ADAM captures a miraculous journey of friendship and the power of music.

In 1986, when harmonica player Adam Gussow asked if he could jam on the streets of Harlem with one-man band Sterling “Mr. Satan” Magee, it was the beginning of an unforgettable collaboration – dubbed Satan and Adam. Amidst the racial tension in New York City, this Jewish Ivy League graduate and black Mississippi blues man made an unlikely pair, but their musical stylings perfectly aligned.

After a chance encounter with members of U2 and a celebrated debut record, the duo rose to international acclaim from their NYC street corner. But as quickly as they were discovered, their meteoric rise was cut short when Mr. Satan mysteriously disappeared.

The result, SATAN & ADAM – a film by V. Scott Balcerek, is an odyssey 23 years in the making that captures a miraculous journey of friendship, heartbreak and the transformative power of music. The film is produced by Frank Marshall and Ryan Suffern for Frank’s production company Kennedy Marshall for their new documentary division.

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