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Two Boricuas, One Dominican Possible HOF Bound?


Tomorrow the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) will announce the results of this years entrance to the prestigious Baseball Hall of Fame and for the first time we have two Boricuas, Iván Rodríguez and Edgar Martinez as well as Vladimir Guerrero of the Dominican Republic on the ballot.

Martinez did win a prestigius LatinoMVP award when he played with the Mariners in 1995. (Photo

Martinez did win a prestigious LatinoMVP award when he played with the Mariners in 1995. (Photo

Edgar Martinez has been on the ballot before, but as a designated hitter and that does not seem to go well with the voters. That unfortunately, has been a hindrance in the eyes of many reporters who vote and do not believe that a designated hitter deserves to be in the HOF. I strongly urge them to reconsider because in seven years another great designated hitter will also come up for a vote, David “Big Papi” Ortíz and it would be hard to believe that they will not vote Ortíz into the HOF. Therefore, I’m a bit optimistic about Edgar Martinez his numbers do not lie. In his 18 year career he hit .312, 1261 RBI’s and 309 HR’s makes him a candidate in my book (those numbers are better than some who are in the HOF).

Iván Rodríguez sporting a Latino Sports Hat, 1997 (Photo Latino Sports)

Iván Rodríguez sporting a Latino Sports Hat, 1997 (Photo Latino Sports)

In the case of Iván Rodríguez and Vladimir Guerrero they are on the ballot for the first time and as it’s known getting into the HOF on the first try is somewhat tricky. Some high profile players who played in a major market team seem to get in a bit easier that players that have played for low market teams and that have played in a variety of teams as is the case of Rodríguez. However, his 11 of 21 seasons with the rangers are enough for him to enter as a Texas Ranger.

Iván Rodríguez, now stands on the doorstep of Cooperstown. Rodriguez, a 14-time All-Star with 13 Gold Gloves, has been named on 78.1 percent of the 215 writers’ ballots made public through Monday. Let’s see what happens tomorrow?

Finally, Mr. “I see the ball, I hit the ball,” Vladimir Guerrero played 16 years in the majors and his career totals of 2,590 hits and 449 homers, and .318 batting average, which places him at 37th among players with at least 7,000 plate appearances is enough to get him close to that magic 70% of the votes for entrance into the HOF.


Vladimir with Latino Sports President receiving his LatinoMVP Award in 2002. (Photo

If all three Latino players get in Cooperstown will never be the same. Can you imagine a swarm of Puerto Ricans from the island, Nuyoricans from the states and Dominicans from all over converging in Cooperstown for HOF weekend? Thank God Cooperstown does not vote as that might scare the daylights out of this quiet small village from voting for all three. I just saying!!!



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