on editor, William Gerena-Rochet was in Philadelphia for the historic continuation of game 5.

Philadelphia, PA: In a game that was simply 3 innings long (picked up from a postponed game after 5 ½ innings two days earlier), but still having the feel of a new game (traveling from New York City was not exactly a skip and a hop) minus the patriotic hoopla of The Star Spangle Banner, Latinos Sports highlights the contribution of Puerto Rican J.C. Romero (Juan Carlos Romero) and Dominican Pedro Felix in the 4-3 victory over the Tampa Rays. J.C. Romero recorded the win out of the bullpen with his 1.1 innings of relieve and Pedro Feliz's RBI single proved to be the winning hit. J.C Romero also won game three of the series. For Latino Sports he is the Latino MVP of the 2008 "World" Series.

The game resumed at 8:40 PM with a temperature slated to be 43° by the Weather Channel and one that would feel like 33° at game time (The Phillies website says it was 47°, no way Joe!). However, this did not seem to be an issue with the exuberant fans whose support for the team must have specially made the Latino players on the Phillies team brave the elements.

Still, the weather would have been an issue for the pitchers. In the end, with a game tied at 2-2 when it started at the bottom of the 6th, it could have been a "battle of the bullpens." It would also be a game of who would get the "breaks," that in baseball when a ball is hit, it either falls in, or goes pass a fielder for a hit, or is caught for an out.

Such was the case in the first inning when after a double on a 3-2 count by Geoff Jenkins of Rays' reliever Grant Balfour, and after Jenkins was moved to third on a bunt-sacrifice of the bat of Jimmy Rollins, the next batter Jayson Werth hit a pop fly to center on a drawn in infield that Rays second baseman Akinori Iwamura attempted to basket catch but the ball fell between his glove and his body. It had the makings of a great catch, but it was not meant to be as the ball fell in for an RBI single; a break for the Phillies. Anyway, for Jayson Werth it was worth the effort.

The next break also was given to the Phillies (now some would say the Baseball Gods give the breaks and as far as that is concerned these Gods did take sides, one must conclude). After the game was tied again at 3-3 in the Rays 7th of a first pitch home run by Rocco Baldelli of Phillies reliever Ryan Madson who had not surrendered a home run since August 28, Jason Bartlett singled and was moved to second on a sacrifice bunt by J.P Howell.

J.C Romero replaced Ryan Madson on the mound and the next Rays' batter, Akinori Iwamura hit a bouncer up the middle, that Chase Utley chased down and the game play by play merely reads that it advanced Jason Bartlett to third.

Now, it seems as Utley had no chance at throwing Iwamura out at first, but Bartlett did not stop at third, he was waved in on the assumption, it seems, that Utley would throw to first and this would allow Bartlett to score, but Utley instead threw to the catcher Carlos Ruiz who tagged out Bartlett before he touched home plate.

So instead of a Rays 4-3 lead, the game remained tied till the bottom of the Phillies 7th. Pat Burrell got his first hit of the Series when he opened the inning with a double. Eric Bruntlett pinch ran for Burrell and moved to third on a ground out by Shane Victorino to second and Pedro Feliz drove him in with a line drive to center.

The Rays would not stage a comeback. In the 8th after a Carl Crawford base hit to center, B.J. Upton grounded out into a double play. In the 9th Mr. Perfección, Brad Lidge, completed a perfect season recording his 2nd save of the series, his 7th of the post-season and 48th save in 48 opportunities since Opening Day, 2008.

Rays' Dioner Navarro got a single with one out and Fernando Perez ran for him. Perez stole second so a hit would tie the game, but pinch-hitter Ben Zobrist lined out and pinch hitter Eric Hinske (who had a series pinch-hit home run) struck out.

The rest of the evening was all about celebration. On the field, on the stands and in the streets surrounding the stadium; the Phillies had won their second "World" Series – their first in 1980. They were also perfectionist at doing so, having won all six home games of their postseason. The Phillies also scored a run in the first inning in 4 games of the series while Tampa scored a run in the first inning in game 2. The team that scored first in each game went on to win that game.

Ironically enough, the Tampa Rays who came out of Spring Training fighting – literally, when they had a scuffle with the New York Yankees and later on in the season with the Boston Red Sox – and if this was all about making a statement, which they did as they beat out these two teams to win the American League pennant – the Rays faced a team that was dubbed as the "Fightin' Phils."

And it was this Fightin' Phils who made the last statement of the 3-season baseball schedule by subduing the upstart, low budget Rays. Those who hoped for a low budget vs. a Big Spender team to prevail will have to be satisfied of the achievement of a team playing in a tough division as is the American League East.

Now for the hibernation of the only season without baseball in the United States, but as things go, the weather made sure that the playing days of spring-summer-fall got a taste of Ol' man winter.

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