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UFC 189 Promotional Tour Reaches NYC


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New York, NY – The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is currently promoting a major two title event scheduled at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on July 11.

The importance of the upcoming fights is attested to by the unique promotional tour currently taking place. Dana White, the head of the UFC, told the excited fans present at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan on Thursday, “We’ve never done anything like it, 10 cities and 5 nations in 12 days.”

Of the success of the forthcoming UFC card, White said, “This thing is on track to sell out tomorrow [the day tickets went on sale].”

The press conference was not limited to reporters, but was a free fan event. When questions from reporters were exhausted, the public was invited to pose queries to White and the headline fighters of the co-main event in July.

Since MMA bouts are illegal in New York State, many questions concerned White’s feelings on the issue. He responded with words that were encouraging to the fans present, “We love you, New York. Hopefully, we soon really will be in New York. I can’t see it not happening.”

He predicted a show will take place at Madison Square Garden in December and additional events will be scheduled throughout the state, not just in New York City.

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