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The UFC GYM In Park Slope [Photos]



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Brooklyn, NY – On Saturday, February 11, 2017, the Ultimate Fighting Championship aka the UFC will have their second New York card, UFC 208: Holm vs. de Randamie.

This card will take place in home of the Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center. From now until Saturday, I’m making the most out of the media events the UFC has invited us to attend. Following Wednesday’s Media Day at Barclays, several members from the press hopped on a charter bus and we took off to the UFC GYM in Park Slope.

The first thing I recognized was the old school locker room was the smell of sweat and torn clothes. Immediately, I dug the place because the size was adequate and the gym had a no nonsense atmosphere.

You’re either going to work out or go home because it felt like it was a place where you worked out, sweated, showered, went home and returned back the next day for more work. As much as I can appreciate the gym and it’s amenities, I hate fact that I wasn’t able to work out. Anytime I’m in a gym, I have no reservation putting down my pen and pad in exchange for barbells and a squat rack.

If I learned anything from yesterday is that there’s the life I want and the life I’m sometimes forced to live. In my case, I would have preferred to put in a full workout than participate in the day’s activities. Neverthess, I still had fun. For more information, click here.

Using my Google Pixel smartphone, here’s some photos I took…

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