UprisingPromotionsLast night, March 28, 2013 at the Five Star Banquet Hall in Long Island City, NY, we got a five star boxing card. Ronson Frank’s Uprising Promotions held their first event in an intimate ballroom that offered great sightlines and even better action.

Something must have been in the air as celebrities like David Duchovny were in attendance. The six bouts that took place were action packed with underdogs surprising favorites, controversial decisions, a few knockdowns, a fighting promoter, and in the end a women’s title fight in the main event.

In the opening bout things began with a spirited 4-rounder in the Jr. Lightweight division as Frank Garriga overcame an apprehensive start to outmaneuver and offset the power punching of Trevis Hall in the second and third rounds, though Hall landed some good shots throughout the fight and was aggressive even to the point of trying to rough up Garriga.

A head snapping left uppercut at the end of the third by Hall was the best punch of the night. But both combatants exchanged power shots over the course of the final round. The result was a majority draw with two judges scoring 38-38 and one judge had Garriga winning 39-37.

The cruiserweights came in next as Michael Ocasio’s cleaner punching was the difference in a match where 0-1 Eric George from Niagara Falls stayed at Ocasio’s chest and crudely punched away. This was the theme of the entire four rounder as Ocasio won a unanimous decision 39-37, 40-36, and 39-37 to move to 4-2.

The women took center stage as three bouts were originally planned for the card. One match which was cancelled was Jennifer Santiago’s fight with Unique Harris, who was reported as not making weight and thus the match was stratched, yet Jennifer made an appearance and was announced.

Jennifer shared her plans in the coming month. “I am going to have another fight in April, hopefully in New York because in May I go to China for a martial arts competition.” Jennifer said.

In the ring we had a women’s flyweight contest with Jacqueline Park of Ontario, Canada, who scored her first win against two losses as her reach advantage served her well against Susan Reno. Reno was never able to get inside enough and Park kept her at the end of her jab, cutting her eye and puffing her forehead in the second round.

When Park was not landing combos she returned the few heavy salvos Reno was able to land with two handed rallies of her own. Park showed a determination to maintain the initiative. The scores after four had Park winning a four round majority decision by the scores of 39-37 on two cards and 38-38 even on the other.

The second upset took place in a four round super middleweight bout that saw Juan “Matador” Zapata, bring in a 1-5-1 mark but a chiseled body. He surprised the favorite Valdrin Muriqi by opening up in the first round. Zapata kept it up in the second until he visibly got winded from the amount of punches attempted and Muriqi rallied with a flurry of punches that drove Zapata to the floor.

However Zapata countered with two nasty counter hooks to survive. When things looked to have turned for Valdrin, he decelerated and Zapata hustled and threw, missed wide hooks that air conditioned the hall but still landing more than enough to keep Muriqi in a shell for the last two rounds. Zapata won a unanimous decision with all the judges agreeing at 39-37. Valdrin dropped to a disappointing 3-3.

The promoter now entered the ring to do combat. Cruiserweight Ronson Frank, the only southpaw on the card improved his record to 17-0 with 9 knockouts as he dropped Sharif Kemp of Atlanta, Georgia, to 8-6 in the second round and then kept throwing until the referee stopped the action at 1:08 of the same round.

The show now entered its final and only title bout of the evening. The New York State Women’s Flyweight championship was on the line as Patricia “Patty Boom Boom” Alcivar from Queens, NY fought the “Hawaiian Mongoose” Eileen Olszewski. It was a stiff and demanding duel. After a close first round that could have went either way, Patty admitted to often being a slow starter. “I think it’s because of my marathon running. It took me a round to warm up and see what she brought to the table.”

And Olszewski brought a lot of veteran knowhow to this contest. A head butt caused a cut on the forehead of Patty in the second that brought a visit to the ringside doctor. Patty fought through the rest of the round with blood trickling down. The fight remained difficult for either to take control fully. Patty admitted that experience made a difference. “She has twice the amount of fights I did. She is a former world champion. This was my first eight round fight.”

Eileen started the third strong highlighted by a heavy counter left hook out of a clinch which stunned Patty momentarily but Alcivar recovered quickly and re-established her jab, which opened up her combinations as she pulled out the round. Another key throughout the fight was her ability to strike from different angles and positions, never staying in front of her opponent with the exception of when an opening appeared.

After a lot of shifting momentum, the pace took its toll on Olszewski in the fourth as she began to look weary. Alcivar picked up the pace, always starting with a stiff jab and left hook off the jab. But the killer counter left hook landed again and stopped Patty’s momentum for a fleeting but dangerous moment. But she soon just went back to the stick and movement plan.

In the fifth Patty unloaded a flurry of punches driving Eileen back to the ropes. The action was fairly even after and in the sixth Olszewski came out desperately to change the fortunes of this contest, but Alcivar withstood the barrage and drove back to even matters while continuing to work from a tighter stance and more precision with her jab and a straight cross which punctuated the round and continued to neutralize any offensive forays by Eileen.

By this point Patty knew she would have to outlast her foe. “I am resilient. I knew the way I was going to win the fight was through nonstop aggression, and that’s what I did.” Patty explained.

The women mixed it in the seventh with power shot exchanges but Patty was unrelenting as she pierced Eileen’s defenses for the balance of the round and landed anything she wanted. Patty sensed when she got through even though Eileen never gave an indication. Patty explains, “I had her hurt. I saw her legs buckle a couple times.”

Patty went for the kill in the final round and exchanged heavy blows with Eileen still catching Patty with the occasional power hook, but Patty was too determined as she saw the homestretch. The fight ended to thunderous applause.

The scores were unanimous in favor of Patty Alcivar to the tune of 77-75, 78-74, and 79-73 which won the state boxing championship for Patty. Patricia improved to 7-1 with 3 knockouts while Olszewski dropped to a tough 7-5-2.

As Patty was greeted by numerous onlookers, she posed with her new championship and she was beaming with pride. “I always had a plan that my ultimate goal was to win a world championship” Patty explained afterwards, “So this is the first step.”

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