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Verizon Wireless Disaster Assistance Services



New York, NY – I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer since 2001. From first-hand experience, their services is the reason why I’ve remained a customer with them.

As a result, I’ve have had no reservation writing about some their contributions within our communities. Wireless communication is essential during severe weather, which is why the Verizon network team prepares year-round to ensure a strong performance during times like these. With the recent natural disasters that’s recently taken place, here’s how Verizon Wireless has made it possible for their customers and employees to communicate with their friends and families:

  • Hurricane Irma: Verizon offers data relief for customers in Hurricane Irma-impacted areas, including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Florida. Spanish story below.
  • Mexico Earthquake: Verizon offers free texting and wireless and wireline calling to Mexico following powerful earthquake.
  • Hurricane Harvey: Verizon donated $10 million to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort and kept Verizon customers in Houston connected, allowing them to find help during the storm.

Disaster Assistance Services


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