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Wix: Age of Beard [Testimonial]


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WixLogoNew York, NY – With over 99 million users in over 190 countries, Wix is considered one the best web hosting companies in the planet. Founded in 2006, Wix has made it easy for everyone to have web presence.

To learn more about Wix, their model and initiative to reach out to the Latino population, please take a moment to read my interview with Carolina SolariWix’s Head of Social Media and Blogs by clicking here. 

Prior to covering this weekend’s Ultimate Fighting Championship card, UFC 208: Holm vs. de Randamie, at Brooklyn’s own Barclays Center, I had the privilege of chatting with Alfredo Palmer. He’s the founder of his company, Age of Beard. The purpose of this interview was to learn about Alfredo’s experience with Wix. In addition, you’ll learn more about his company and his experience of working with NBA Legend, Shaquille O’Neal.

With that said, here’s my interview with Alfredo Palmer…

Tell us about your company, Age of Beard?

Age of Beard was started as a labor of love to help men groom and shape their beards in a way that they could maintain in a professional setting. Making the products from scratch and from all-natural products, the business grew from a farmer’s market stall to an online business with global clients.

What was your motivation behind the creation of your company?

I’ve always enjoyed growing and maintaining my beard, which led me to make my own beard products. People would stop me, compliment my beard, and ask what products I was using for my beard. So I started to make products for beard enthusiasts and grew from there.

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