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Wix Head of Social Media and Blogs [Interview]


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WixLogoNew York, NY – Prior to the New England Patriots come-from-behind Super Bowl LI 34-28 ovetime win over the Atlanta Falcons, I had the privilege of chatting with Carolina Solari. She is Wix’s Head of Social Media and Blogs.

Wix is considered one the best web hosting companies in the planet. With that said, the purpose behind this interview was to learn about Wix, their Super Bowl commercial and their initiative to reach out to the Latino population.

Tell me more about Wix’s initiative to reach out to the Latino population?

Wix is heavily invested in reaching out to the entrepreneurial class. And according to Stanford’s State of Latino Entrepreneurship 2016 report, the US Latino population makes up 12 percent of US businesses. As such, we work to reach the US Latino population in a variety of ways.

By understanding the bilingual and bicultural lifestyle, we advertise on both Spanish- and English-language networks, and create multilingual content for our campaigns. With our current Super Bowl campaign our press and social materials were also in Spanish.

As we continue to work with the Latino community we make sure to give this community the necessary information to help them achieve their dreams of building and growing their own businesses.

From workshops in Spanish, to in-language Customer Support, to cross-cultural campaigns, we are making sure that we create a localized approach that resonates and empowers Latinos and the rest of the population.

What is the number of Latinos who use Wix?

Wix has over 99 million users in over 190 countries, with a large component being made up of users in the Americas. While our users aren’t broken out by ethnicity or race, regionally, Latin America comprises one of our larger markets. We also have a large amount of users who create Spanish-language sites in the United States.

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