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New York, NY – One the best things about a World Cup year are the books. The games are fantastic but it’s the books that best illuminate the both the social, political, economic, religious and military history and journey leading up to the the beautiful game’s most coveted tournament.

Whether you’re the player who’s representing your country or the fan who will witness the tournament live in person, at a pub or at home, you’ll be written about.

Whether you’re the hero or the goat for your national team, your actions will be immortalized via the eyes, words and technology who were present that day.

It’s during this period when we learn more about the fan and the player. But what about the writers who are there in person covering the moments as they unfold? If there’s a good story behind every fan or national team, then the writers themselves must have an amazing story. With that said, here’s a message from TidalWave Productions…

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