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Yankee Fans Everywhere


Philadelphia, PA: Teams usually have a strong home fan base. Some teams have fans that still follow them even if they move to another state. However, when the Yankees say “Yankee Universe” I believe them.

Yesterday I travelled to Philadelphia to cover the Yankee – Phillies Inter-League game. This was the Yanks first regular season visit to Philadelphia since 2006.  I was interested in experiencing Yankee fever outside of my South Bronx confine. It’s been years since I have covered a regular Yankee game outside of the Bronx. I had been to Boston and Baltimore the closet driving distance teams. However that was years ago when wearing any Yankee gear was a call for confrontation from other fans, especially in Boston.

But times and fans have changed. Today you see many more fans wearing Boston Red Sox gear in the Bronx than in the past when few mortals would dare venture to the South Bronx wearing anything other than Yankee apparel.

So here I was in Philly walking the outside perimeter and inside the stadium to get a “feel” for the fans. I have to admit I was quite surprised to see the large number of Yankee fans. Those that I spoke to came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and some from New York.

However, what I experienced walking the main concourse in the beginning of the game was truly remarkable.

As I walking and interviewing some Yankee fans I heard the crack of the bat followed by the loud cheer from throughout the stadium. I immediately knew this was a home run. But, when I poked my head through the crowd to see what Phillies player smashed it, I was shocked and really confused as it was not a Phillies player, but the Yankee lead off batter, Aaron Hicks trotting around the bases. It took a few seconds for my brain to analyze what my eyes and ears were witnessing. I was not in Yankee stadium. I was in Citizens Bank Park the home stadium of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The number of fans that were cheering every Yankee hit and run scored was surprising. (Photo Latino Sports)

The loud Yankee cheers were heard throughout the game and it annoyed some of the Phillies fans as I heard one yell out: “hey where are the Phillies fans.” I had asked a few senior guards and employees about this phenomena of so many Yankee fans and they all told me that the Yankees drew a huge crowd for this two game series and that they believed that half of the attendance of about 45 thousand for the first game and the 43,963 for this game were Yankee fans.

When the game was over with the Yankees winning, 6-0 I was waiting to hear Frank Sinatra singing, New York, New York.

It was a new experience for me and it does appear that there is a Yankees universe.

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