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Yanks vs Red Sox Rivalry Is No Joke!


Bronx, NY – If there was a game the Yankees needed to win, it was this one. This 5-4 Yankee win over the Boston Red Sox was more than the first win of this important series, it was a sign that the Yankees are not rolling over to their rivals, the first place Red Sox.

Boston came to the Bronx in first place with a 4.5 lead ahead of the Yankees in the A.L. Eastern Division. They came with an eight game winning streak. They have been as hot as abuelas pique (grandma’s hot sauce) and it appeared that they came to the Bronx to possibly stick a fork to any Yankee thought of competing for first place.

The sell out Yankee crowd came to the stadium to see what is customary, two rivals that are like watching a dual between titans. Yankee – Red Sox games are always exciting and very competitive and fans know this. This rivalry brings out the die-hard Yankee fans, die hard Red Sox fans (yes, there are local Red Sox fans, mainly Dominicans who follow Red Sox players from their homeland. This spiked when David “Big Papi” Ortiz played for Boston). The truth is that this rivalry brings out any baseball-loving fan because they know that they are going to see a great game.

Yesterdays game did not disappoint the home fans, but they were made to sweat a long bit. The Red Sox jumped to a quick 3-0 lead on homeruns by Hanley Ramirez and Andrew Benintendi who helped starter Eduardo Rodriguez keep the Yankees to 2 hits in his 107 pitch effort. The Yankee fans were quieter than a church mouse for seven innings.

However, as these two teams have done many times in the past, you can never rule any of them out. Yesterday it was the Yankee’s turn when they broke the Yankee stadium silence in the seventh inning on Aaron Hicks homerun that woke up the Yankee bats with big hits by Didi Gregorius and Todd Frazier and surprising the Red Sox with their first loss in nine games.

  • However, it’s never a dull moment with these two teams and Chapman who came to close the game for the Yanks had everyone at the edge of their seats when he walked the bases loaded in the ninth. Benintendi hit a sacrifice fly to left that gave Boston another run cutting the lead 5-4. Yankee fans were still holding their breath when Eduardo Nuñez took off for third base, but Hicks made a perfect throw to record the second out. Aroldis Chapman then retired Mitch Moreland for the out.

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