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Yankee Stadium To Lafayette St, One Year Later



Bronx, NY – Memorial Day at Yankee Stadium and the defending World Series Champions Houston Astros (34-20) are picking apart the New York Yankees (33-16). Whether it’s the long ball, small ball, pitching, defense, etc, the Yanks are unable to contain Houston. After six innings of matinee baseball, the Astros hold a 4-0 advantage.

One year ago, I wrote, “For a tale that needs to be told in person, I will fast forward to the Mezcal. We talked, we laughed, we smiled over several drinks of mezcal. Amazing as she was, my time to leave had arrived. After we parted ways, I wandered around my city processing our encounter. She smiled, I smiled. An electrifying feeling, I long had forgotten. With no guarantee of ever seeing her again, I now have a reason to drink Mezcal.” To read the rest of last year’s article, click here.

Credit: Cesar Diaz/Latino Sports

Following Sunday’s Yankees 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Angels, I returned to the establishment where we met. In honor of our encounter, I ordered a double shot of Mezcal and asked for the bottle to stay. As I sipped my drink, I couldn’t help but imagine how much of a surprise it would have been had she walked in. Instead I met a woman visiting from California. We chatted in English and Spanish. She talked about her practice and I told her about last year’s tale and my relationship with Mezcal. We talked, we smiled, we hugged, we said our goodbyes. From Yankee Stadium to Lafayette St, one year later.


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