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Yanks vs. Red Sox Rivalry Just Like Industriales vs. Santiago For Cubans


IndustrialesSantiago1Bronx, NY – The New York Yankees – Boston Red Sox rivalry reminds many Cubans of the rivalry in their country of the Industriales located in Havana and Santiago who of course play in Santiago de Cuba.

The similarities are quite interesting. The Industriales like the Yankee have won the most championships in Cuba. They are in the capital, Havana; the Yankees are in the Capital of the world. Like the Yankees they are the team that has won the most championships and to top it off, they have the same color blue.

Santiago, like Boston is in another major town that has a lot of similarity. While Boston was the start of our revolution with the Boston Tea Party, Santiago is the birth of the Cuban revolution with Fidel Castro’s attack on the Moncada Garrison.

That was the spark and beginning of the July 26th Movement (date of the attack on Moncada) that spearheaded the revolution to its triumph. Santiago also a very popular team with a large fan base has played in post seasons, and many times competing against the Industriales. And finally, to really make this rivalry and comparison with the Yankee – Red Sox rivalry, Santiago’s color, like Boston’s is red.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending time at the stadium with a delegation of Cubans and several of them were wearing Yankee apparel. I asked them about the Yankee – Boston rivalry and of course that led the conversation to a rivalry closer to them, that of the Industriales and Santiago.

Baseball and Cuba and baseball and the USA have many comparisons, this is just one I wanted to share.

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