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The 2014 MLB Diversity Business Summit For Job Seekers And Entrepreneurs



New York, NY – Last week, I met with Wendy Lewis, Senior Vice President of Diversity and Strategic Alliances for Major League Baseball. She had taken a moment out of her busy schedule to address the importance and benefits of attending the upcoming 3rd Annual MLB Diversity Business Summit for jobs seekers and entrepreneurs.

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The 2014 MLB Diversity Business Summit is the premier sports employment conference and supplier diversity trade fair . This two-day event allows job seekers and entrepreneurs the unique opportunity of meeting with MLB’s Clubs at both the Major League and Minor League levels as well as sponsorship partners. As an attendee you will receive a ticket to attend the New York Yankees baseball game on April 15th, 2014 in celebration of Jackie Robinson day.

For the next few articles, I will provide you the details of my conversation with Ms. Lewis which will feature her recommendations on how to fully maximize your experience during the two-day event.

For updates about the MLB Diversity Business Summit, please go to Facebook at Diversity Business Summit and Twitter at @MLB_DBS for updates. To register and learn more about the two-day summit, click here



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  • Roberto Clemente

    Unemployed job seekers need to shell out 150 to drop off a resume… Lets call this what it is….. LETS SCAM THE LATINOS OUT OF A FEW BUCKS for the pockets of MLB so they can redecorate the main office

  • Paul Ramos

    You don’t have to be unemployed to be a Job Seeker. Do you really believe that Major League Baseball is that hard up for money? Last year, MLB gross revenues exceeded $8 billion. In case you didn’t know, it’s also co-hosted by the New York Yankees and do you also believe that the Yankees are financially in trouble. Do you have any idea how many people apply online for the same MLB position you want? If having to invest $150 means that I at least get to see a face and make an impression, then it’s an investment I’m willing to make.