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Yankees Murals Brighten Up River Avenue


Yankee legends will be remembered every time people walk down River Avenue in the Bronx. Yes, you wont be able to forget several of these Yankee greats as murals of several of them are being painted on the storefront gates for all to see.

There might be one non-Yankee painted and that is of Roberto Clemente. There is a very strong opportunity that the immortal and still popular, Roberto Clemente might be painted on one of these gates. That will be a fitting tribute for a man that went beyond teams and territory to help others and expand the game of baseball. Besides, it would be fitting with a majority of the South Bronx community being Puerto Rican/Latino.

What do you think? Should they paint one of Clemente?

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  • Julio Pabon

    A Clemente Mural on River Avenue would be great for baseball, for the fans of baseball and for all to remember a player that went beyond baseball. Just add Retire 21 somewhere on the mural. Great work Cary Goodman.

  • Selva City Media

    It would be a shame if they DIDN’T put a mural of the Great One! Largest Puerto Ricab Enclave in the entire US. Yankee or not he is a hero to many.

  • Julian

    Paint Clemente!