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Yanks Lead Orioles, Tony Peña’s Life Lesson



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Bronx, NY – After five inning of Friday Night Baseball here at Yankee Stadium, the New York Yankees is tied 2-2 against the Baltimore Orioles. Along with tonight’s weather, this has been a fun game to follow. Win or lose, tonight’s game is a Chess match.

On Reggie Jackson Bobblehead Night, Yanks LHP Jordan Montogomery has held his own while Starlin Castro blasted his 10th home run of the his season in the bottom of the second inning. With that said, I’m going to rewind a few hours prior to game time. Following Starlin Castro’s press conference with La Prensa, I took off to the field.

Walking over to the Yankee’ dugout, I saw Yankees 1B Coach Tony Peña warming up with a one of the players. To be honest, I enjoyed the sound of the ball making contacting with his glove. From the sound of the ball whizzing through the air and the smacking sound it make each time it touched Tony’s gloves reminded me of my days of playing catch with my friends. What would start out friendly would morph into a game of who can throw the fastest/hardest and who could endure the pain of each ball caught.

After a few minutes, Tony came by and chatted with several members of La Prensa. We talked about baseball and life and the decisions some of us have to make when transitioning into the next phase of one’s life. Using these photos that I took of him, here’s the lesson I learned from our conversation. Enjoy the rest of the game.

Game Update: Thanks to Aaron Hicks home run, Yanks lead the O’s, 3-2. 

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