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Yanks Take ALCS Lead, The Postgame Rat Race



Bronx, NY – Covering the regular season of Major League Baseball is grueling.

However, it’s nowhere as intense and sensitive as the postseason. If you’re fortunate to cover the postseason, you will go through a series of emotional level changes within a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, and days. It can get so bad that the same qualities you love in your colleagues become the same qualities you hate about them.

If I’ve gotten one thing out of covering baseball is that there will come a moment when I will not get along with my own colleagues. It’s nothing personal but like any relationship, too much time together can get tiresome. If you’re old enough or if you’re fan of either the movie or television show, The Odd Couple, then you’ll understand what I’m referring too.

Like any classic episode of The Odd Couple, Felix and Oscar always make up. In the case of my relationship with my colleagues here at the ballpark, there’s an unspoken form of forgiveness that’s consistently taken place over the years. One moment, we’re best friends. Another moment, we’re bitter enemies. In the end, we always find a way to rebound and move forward as a team. Much like Felix and Oscar… Badadadadadadada…

Take the ALCS for instance. After the New York Yankees lost the first two of the ALCS by an identical 2-1 score, many wondered whether or not the several key players such as Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez were clutch. They also wondered whether or not CC Sabathia, Sonny Gray, Masahiro Tanaka and bullpen will be able to shutdown the team many considered to be the most consistent in the Majors, the Houston Astros.

In Game 3, the Bronx Bombers silenced their critics for one night as they crushed the Astros by an 8-1 score. Then in Game 4, just as their critics were ready to dismiss the Baby Bombers as a club too young to handle the postseason pressure, they rally to hold off Houston and complete their 6-4 comeback. As pivotal as Game 5 was, the Yankees responded and they paced themselves to a 5-0 shutout win over the Astros.

As soon as the final out was made, the focus of the ALCS shifted from New York taking a 3-2 ALCS lead to Game 6. With the action taking place on Friday night in Houston’s Minute Maid Park, it’ll be Yankees Luis Severino vs. Astros Justin Verlander. Yanks win, they advance to the World Series. Houston wins, they’ll level the ALCS at 3-3 and force Game 7. As captivating as Game 5 was, the postgame rat race is what caught my attention. Following the game, the media members assigned to cover the game shuffled and ruffled each other in passing as if they were trying to catch the express train to work.

Zig-zag after zig-zag, cameramen carried their cameras and step ladders so they can claim the best position to record. Reporters shifted among themselves in a Matrixesque manner in their attempt to gain the best position for recording and asking questions.

While players like Luis Severino, Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez and of course, Aaron Judge were surrounded by a sea of journalists, other players like Adam Warren, CC Sabathia, and Dellin Betances were being interviewed by one-two reporters.

If there was one moment that best captured the postgame hustle and bustle was when seeing Yankees multi-purpose player Ronald Torreyes having no position in his locker room section to change. As Greg Bird was being interviewed, Ronald grabbed his clothes and to change elsewhere. Due to the facct that Torreyes is the only member of the Pinstripes who I can literally see eye-to-eye, we’ve built a solid player-writer relationship.

As he’s leaving with his clothes, I asked him how he felt about being pushed out of his locker room area. In typical Torreyes fashion, he smiled as we greeted each other. He knew I was kidding and I knew he just ecstatic as well as focused for the Yankees upcoming Game 6 in Houston. Nothing to report. All Rise, Tune In, Let’s Go Yankees!

Game Summary: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

  • FINAL SCORE: Yankees 5, Astros 0
  • WINNING PITCHER: Masahiro Tanaka (1-1; 7.0IP, 3H, 0R, 0ER, 1BB, 8SO, 0HR)
  • LOSING PITCHER: Dallas Keuchel (1-1; 4.2IP, 7H, 4R, 4ER, 2BB, 3SO, 0HR)
  • SAVE: None
  • HOME RUNS (Yanks): Gary Sanchez (1st ALCS HR/7th Inning)
  • HOME RUNS (Astros): None
  • ATTENDANCE: 49,647
  • TIME: 3:18


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