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Yanks Trail O’s, The Principal Goddess [Interview]



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Bronx, NY – Following Friday night’s 14th inning 7-3 loss, the New York Yankees are currently trailing the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 3-2 here at Yankee Stadium.

A few months, I covered the Third Annual SEX Expo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Truth be told, talking about Sex isn’t hard at all. Socially, Politically, Economically, Artistically, Spiritually, Technologically, Athletically and beyond… there’s so many avenues one can explore the topic of Sex. Much like covering sports, covering sex is no different.

There’s notes to read, technology to review, and people to interview. Let’s not forget about the aficionados in attendance. Yes, the tools and uniforms are different but the same could be said for baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc.

In my warped view, there’s really no difference. If there wasn’t a demand for sex education and empowerment, then there wouldn’t have been a long line and the number of people having open dialogue about a topic that some of us consider dirty.

One person I enjoyed chatting with was Taylor Sparks. She is the Principal Goddess, Erotic EducatorCertified Holistic Aromatherapist for her company Organic Loven.

After four innings of Yankee Baseball, here’s my interview with Taylor…

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