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Yanks vs. Boston, Upcoming Documentaries



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Bronx, NY – It’s a cloudy and chilly Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium where the New York Yankees are playing their third game of their series against the Boston Red Sox.

After three innings of matinee baseball, Chase Headley’s solo homer in the second inning as been the difference as the Yanks lead the Red Sox by a 1-0 score. With so many innings left to be played anything can happen…

With chances of rain, I hope this game will have already been decided. A rain delay on a chilly Saturday afternoon isn’t exactly my cup of coffee. I know, I know… cup of tea. However, I prefer coffee. When I leave the ballpark, I leave the ballpark. Rarely am I following up the scores, trade updates or suspensions. If I find out the news when I’m there, sweet. If not, it’s all good because someone else will write about it.

For the past few weeks, I’ve spent my time watching upcoming documentaries and TV Series. If a company is willing to provide me photos and links to watch their latest show, who am I say no? If I’m able to schedule an interview proior to show’s premiere, fantastic. If not, life goes on. With that said, here’s some of my picks…

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